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make the most of renovation projects

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make the most of renovation projects

The Differences Between Stone And Ceramic Tile

Ronald Hayes

The bathroom is always a smart room to remodel because it is small, there is a lot of moisture and it gets a lot of traffic. Often, the bathroom floor will be the first thing that needs to be remodeled. If you want to quickly and affordably upgrade your bathroom, you should consider installing tile floors. Tile is a great upgrade, especially if you are replacing vinyl or linoleum. This article explains the main difference between ceramic and stone tiles. It will help you decide which product is best for your style, price range and maintenance abilities.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is definitely the cheapest and easiest to maintain of the two options. It is made out of a ceramic composite which is much cheaper and lighter then natural stone. Most ceramic products will have a textured and printed finish. Most of the time, the print will replicate the texture and colors of popular natural stones like travertine, marble and granite. Most people will be able to realize that the ceramic is a composite product and not a natural stone. Nonetheless, It looks quite convincing and it is much cheaper than similarly sized stone products. Basically, when it comes to ceramic tiles you get what you pay for when it comes to the aesthetic. But, while it might not look as authentic as real stone, it is just as durable and even easier to maintain. Ceramic tile is more waterproof then stone and it requires less maintenance over the years.

Stone Tile

By now you probably realize that stone tile looks more authentic and natural. A stone tile piece is basically made out of rock cut directly from the earth. This mean every piece looks different, with unique coloration and markings. But, if you want to use stone tiles in a moist bathroom environment, you will need to take efforts to seal them. Since the stone is naturally porous, water can penetrate the stone and even lead to mold formation if it is not sealed. You will need to reseal your stone tile every few years to help fight mold formation and water damage.

In the end, ceramic tile is definitely the more practical option. However, if you prefer the more stylish and natural look of stone tile, it is a great alternative. Although it might require a little more TLC, stone tile is still very durable and ideal for bathroom settings. Talk to a dealer, like Callier Thompson Kitchen & Bath, for more help.