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make the most of renovation projects

Is your kitchen dark and gloomy? Do you find it difficult to locate the things that you need to cook, bake or serve meals? If you are unhappy with the look or layout of your kitchen, a kitchen renovation is in order. One of the best decisions I have ever made was hiring a remodeling contractor to assist me with the renovation of my kitchen. This contractor had some great ideas for storage, organization and layout that I never would have thought of. If you are considering renovation work in your home, this blog can help you find ways that a remodeling contractor can help you make the most of the project.


make the most of renovation projects

Tiny And Terrific -- 5 Ways To Maximize Your Small Kitchen Remodel

Ronald Hayes

If you have a tight space for the kitchen and can't expand it outward to create your dream remodel, you can still get a fantastic kitchen out of the deal. The trick is to embrace your space and maximize your use of it. Here are 5 ways any homeowner can do so.

Make Storage Accessible. Using cabinets well means using all of them. Modern cabinet design can help make storage more accessible by utilizing elements like lazy Susans, pull-out or slide-out drawers and cabinets, hanging racks and hooks, as well as variable sized shelving. 

Downsize Appliances. Having less space to work with means sacrificing some things in favor of more important things. If you want more counter space, for example, look into scaling down some appliances like the refrigerator or cooktop. You can also find smaller sinks, trash bins, and small appliances (like coffeemakers) to take up less space in and on the counters. 

Make it Open. Opening up a small kitchen visually can help it appear bigger even if you can't add actual square footage. Windows, skylights, and doors can add natural sunlight -- which generally has a very lightening and opening effect on rooms. Choosing a cabinet style that doesn't have doors is another way to make a kitchen seem larger and help keep it more organized.

Make it Cozy. If you can't have everything you want in your kitchen due to the size restrictions, make it comfortable and enjoyable for yourself instead. If you're an avid cook, splurge on a nice range unit that you want. If you want the kitchen to have a social aspect instead, add a small seating space at the island or other counters so that you can enjoy visitors while you work. Or make a cooler kitchen by choosing a bold accent color that gives the room a focal point.

Use Custom Cabinets. Needing to make use of all your available space means forgoing stock cabinets and opting for a custom cabinet design that fits your kitchen specifically. Use all the spots you can to add storage and cabinetry to store unusual items. For example, a narrow space between an appliance and a wall could be used to store tall cookware like baking sheets and cutting boards. 

By utilizing one or more of these kitchen remodeling tips, you can design an area that works efficiently and is more enjoyable for cooks and guests alike.