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make the most of renovation projects

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make the most of renovation projects

Nightmares In Tile: How A Bathroom Remodeling Will Cure Your Affliction

Ronald Hayes

If you have ever walked into a bathroom from the 1940's or '50's, the first thing that hits you is the wall-to-wall tiling on the floor. If the situation is especially bad, you will also see a lot of tile in place of the tub surround and tile used as a back-splash behind the sink. All this tile can give you nightmares, but a bathroom remodeling can cure that in a hurry. Here is how to get rid of all of that tile and replace it with something more modern.

Tub Tiles

If you want to replace the tub tiles yourself, you can take these steps. 

  1. Lay a tarp in the tub and tape it to the four corners of the tub. This will make your mess easier to clean up and prevent damage to your tub.
  2. Take a hammer or lightweight sledgehammer and begin smacking the tiles on the back wall of the tub. They should begin to crack and fall in pieces into the tub where the tarp will catch them.
  3. If you have some stubborn pieces of tile, the prying end of a regular hammer or a long-handled screwdriver will help you pop off the rest of these bits of tile.
  4. Do the same to the other sides of the tub walls until all of the tile has been removed.
  5. Sand the tub walls with a coarse grain paper and belt sander.
  6. Wipe the walls smooth.
  7. Remove the tarp and all of the broken tiles. 
  8. Now you are ready to either A) use a drop-in tub surround where the tub is still present but underneath a plastic shell and the walls are attached, or B) apply a fresh coat of thin plaster and adhere the new plastic tub walls to the wet plaster.
  9. Press firmly and tap gently into place.

Floor Tiles

Floor tiles will need to be scraped up with a flooring scraper. The good news is, usually when you remove the kick plate that protects the threshold, you will have the surface area you need to insert the edge of the flooring scraper and begin the job from there. Also, most old flooring tiles were glued together on a grid, so once you have pulled a few up, the rest should scrape off rather easily. After the tiles have been removed and you have sanded away most of the plaster that held them there, you can then roll out and cut linoleum, vinyl stick tiles, or even snap-in-place stone tiles that are one-foot square in size.

Back-Splash Tiles

If you want a completely tile-free bathroom, then you will have to carefully hammer the back-splash tiles until they break and then remove the back-splash tiles. Once again, sand the surface smooth. Then apply surface plaster to match the rest of the bathroom walls before painting.

If you want more advice on how to remodel your bathroom, get in touch with someone from a company like JKC Design (Previously JK Cabinets & Design)