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make the most of renovation projects

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make the most of renovation projects

Dull Granite Coutnertop? Two Non-Toxic Remedies To Bring Back The Shine

Ronald Hayes

A granite countertop is a pretty addition to any kitchen, and one of its most appealing points is its shine. Granite reflects light rays back around the kitchen, which brightens the room, so when your granite goes dull it is time to bring back the shine ASAP! As someone who prefers natural products over chemical-based ones, you should check out these two non-toxic mixtures to give your granite countertops the shine they need to make your kitchen feel alive once more.

Essential Oils

When the dullness of your granite countertop is caused by a buildup of cooking oils or soap scum, you need a natural cleaner to cut through this buildup. A cleaner made up of citrus essential oil will do just that.

To make this cleaner, you will need a clean spray bottle, ten drops of citrus essential oil (lemon or orange is perfect), two cups of water, a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol, and one tablespoon of castile soap (make sure it is unscented). All of these items contain no chemicals, and once combined will strip any greasy buildup off the countertop. Simply mix them together in the spray bottle, and then spray the mixture onto the counter. Remove the spray and dirt by wiping clean with a soft cloth. If you cannot locate the essential oil or castile soap at your local mass merchant retailer, you can buy it online.

Dish Soap

Another spray you can use to make your granite countertop sparkling clean is one that combines dish soap, rubbing alcohol and water. The reason why rubbing alcohol is a common denominator in these cleaners is that it eliminates the chance of any streaks being left behind on the counter. Once again, you'll need a clean spray bottle in which you will combine a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol with two cups of water and three drops of the dish soap you use for washing your dishes. After you spray this mixture onto the counter, wipe away with a soft cloth. Cotton or microfiber cloths work best because you don't want a harsher fabric that will leave small scratches on the counter.

If you find cleaning your countertop with either of these products is not giving you the shine you require, then you may need to call in a granite countertop remodeler to look at it for you. It is possible the sealer on the countertop has deteriorated with age and needs replacing. Counter sealer replacement must be done by an expert as it involves stripping off the old sealer and replacing it with a new coat without damaging the stone beneath.

Dull granite countertops can be made to look like new again, and now you have non-toxic methods you can try yourself to achieve this goal. Contact a company like Rob Hall's Kitchens Plus for more tips.