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make the most of renovation projects

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make the most of renovation projects

Your Pipes Are Freezing And Your Handyman Isn't In Town: What Do You Do?

Ronald Hayes

A good handyman is often an essential for many homes in the winter, due to the extreme temperature changes. But what do you do when a pipe freezes in the middle of the night and your handyman is nowhere nearby? A true handyman will know how to fix these problems for you, but you can also do it on your own. Here's what you need to know about this problem and what you can do to prevent it from getting worse.

Preventing Frozen And Burst Pipes

Frozen pipes are an annoying enough problem, but if they burst, you're looking at severe water damage that may cause a variety of problems with your home's structure. That's why it's necessary to prevent frozen and burst pipes whenever possible. Here are a few ways you can do that while your handyman is gone:

  • Keep at least one faucet running at a trickle when temperatures drop below freezing
  • Open the cabinet door under the sink to let in warm air
  • Disconnect your hose appliance from your sink faucet
  • Install heaters or wrap blankets around exposed pipes to keep their temperatures above freezing

Performing these simple activities should keep your pipes safe from freezing, but what happens if it does burst? You need to turn off your water supply immediately and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Fixing A Pipe If It Does Burst

When a pipe bursts, you should see an immediate collection of water in the area where it occurred. This helps pin-point the location of the burst and makes fixing it a little easier. Once you have located the burst pipe (it should be a small break through in the pipe surface), you need to perform the following repair technique:

  • Turn off the main water valve
  • Locate the burst pipe
  • Cut the broken pipe away with a pipe cutter
  • Measure the broken pipe distance and cut a pipe to the appropriate length
  • Slide the replacement pipe (which should be just a little bit smaller than the other pipe) and weld them together
  • Cover the weld with pipe insulation to keep it from leaking and to increase its temperature

This technique isn't designed to be a permanent solution, but simply one that you can use while your handyman is out of town. Once he gets back, call him and show him your repair job. He'll assess the situation and find a solution that works more effectively.