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make the most of renovation projects

Is your kitchen dark and gloomy? Do you find it difficult to locate the things that you need to cook, bake or serve meals? If you are unhappy with the look or layout of your kitchen, a kitchen renovation is in order. One of the best decisions I have ever made was hiring a remodeling contractor to assist me with the renovation of my kitchen. This contractor had some great ideas for storage, organization and layout that I never would have thought of. If you are considering renovation work in your home, this blog can help you find ways that a remodeling contractor can help you make the most of the project.


make the most of renovation projects

Big Mistakes To Avoid With A Bathroom Addition To Your Home

Ronald Hayes

Only about half of the new homes constructed in 1975 or before had only one bathroom; but these days, having more than one bathroom is just the norm in most modern homes. If you live in an older house with only one bathroom, there is no doubt that adding an extra toilet area has crossed your mind. Even though adding an extra bathroom can boost the value of your home by about 20 percent, you do have to be careful with how this home remodel takes place and what the end result will be. Here are 3 big mistakes to avoid when you are planning to add an extra bathroom to your home:

Disregarding the importance of a bathroom window

A lot of homeowners make the mistake of trying to cram a bathroom into an inner area of the house where there is no access to lighting at all. No one likes a bathroom that has no natural ventilation, and a bathroom without natural light can appear dingy, small, and unappealing. If at all possible, only implement a bathroom on an outer wall where a window will be possible. If this is something that just cannot happen, work with the remodeling contractor to pick a spot where a skylight or solar tube can be installed. You can check out for more information.

Placing the bathroom in a busy area of the house

Bathrooms are like a private oasis in the house where people take care of their most personal human needs. Therefore, privacy is incredibly important and should be the primary focus of any new bathroom addition to the house. Avoid having a bathroom installed right off a busy area of the house, such as the family room or kitchen. Keep the entrance tucked away down a hall if possible, or at the very least make sure there is some type of division between the entryway and the rest of the house. 

Making the toilet the focal point 

When you stand at the entryway to the bathroom, you should not see the toilet straightaway. If you do, the toilet becomes the sole focal point of the entire space, which is never ideal. It is always best if you can keep the toilet somewhat divided from the rest of the space--even if it is with something as small as a half wall. Not only will keeping the toilet secluded enhance the design appeal of your new bathroom, it will also enhance the privacy of the area as well.