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make the most of renovation projects

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make the most of renovation projects

Unique Lighting Fixtures Straight From Your Kitchen Cupboard

Ronald Hayes

There are literally thousands of lighting fixtures available on the market, especially since light fixtures are one of the ways that designers can make a striking impact on the decor of the home. These can cost anywhere from a few dollars up to even millions depending on the design and the materials used. However, there is a world of possibilities that can be found right in your kitchen cupboards and pantry, which contain the makings of unique light fixtures that can jazz up any room in your house.

So for a do-it-yourself project that can garner both personal satisfaction and a new design for your renovations or remodeling job, here are a few ideas that could cost you little or nothing.

Chandeliers please

Chandeliers can give an elegant feel to your kitchen or dining area. As it may be the only floating object in the room, it is likely to command attention, so you need to ensure that it fits the general decor and size of the room. However, there are items in your kitchen cupboards that can make a statement such as using cup-and-saucer combinations where the lighting bulbs are placed in the center of the cups. When making this you need to remember that the chandelier should be at least one foot narrower than the widest area of your dining room or kitchen table/island counter and should hang no lower than about 30 inches from the table top. 

You can also use a set of mason jars of varying sizes (8 oz or 1 pint preferably) to create a unique chandelier. Using mason jars that have varying qualities in clarity as well as different colors can also add dimension to the lighting. The thing to check for here is the ability of the jar to hold up to the heat produced by the bulbs and how heavy the fixture is likely to be. 

Single light fixtures

Almost any container or equipment in your kitchen can be re-purposed to suit your lighting needs for a single light source. You can chose something that gives a single flowing light source that can be achieved by using items such as cans, like paint cans or soup cans, or from items like blenders, bowls, mugs, glasses or even liquor bottles. These can be more appropriate for smaller rooms with minimal furniture. Lighting fixtures can also be used to create a bit of excitement to your area by casting shadows and patterns in the room at night. This effect can be created from such kitchen items such as colanders, graters or large wire whisks.

For a kitchen area, however, you may need to ensure that the patterns do not interfere with getting direct light where you need it most - your work area. While you may be able to adjust the items to facilitate their transformation into unique lighting fixtures, you may need to consult an electrician to ensure that the wiring is done properly.  

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