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make the most of renovation projects

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make the most of renovation projects

How To Affordably Achieve A Rustic Ceiling In Your Kitchen

Ronald Hayes

If you are preparing to remodel your kitchen and would like to achieve a rustic look, you could have your contractor build you a rustic-looking ceiling with pallets, or attempt to build one yourself. This is an inexpensive way to achieve a rustic look, and it really is not hard to do. Here are the steps you will need to do to complete this.

Obtain pallets

Wooden pallets are often easy to find, and you might even be able to get them for free. If not, they are usually fairly cheap to purchase, and they are the perfect item to use for a variety of projects. For a kitchen ceiling, they are the perfect item to use if you want to have a rustic appearance.

The number of pallets you will need for the project will depend on how big your kitchen ceiling is, but it is likely you may need at least 50 of them or more.

Take them apart and sand them

Once you have the pallets, you will need to take them apart. Pallets are built with wood and are nailed together. You could try prying out the nails from the boards to remove each board, or you could cut the boards off by cutting through the nails. The main goal is to take each pallet apart so you have loose boards to use for your ceiling.

After you take them apart, you will need to sand each one. You only need to sand the side that will be showing, but you could sand both sides if you want. Once you complete this step, the boards will be ready to be hung on your ceiling. You could stain the boards if desired, but this is not necessary.

Hang them

The final step requires hanging the boards. You can start on one side of the kitchen ceiling and nail them in place. You may need to cut the boards as you go, and you may want to prearrange them so you even out the variation in the colors.

As you hang the boards, you may notice some gaps in certain places. This is completely normal, and these imperfections actually help make the ceiling look more rustic.

This is a project you might be able to complete yourself, and it will help your kitchen look old and rustic. If you do not want to do it yourself, your kitchen remodeling contractor could complete the project for you.

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