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make the most of renovation projects

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make the most of renovation projects

3 Ways To Use Commercial Heat Tape To Battle Ice On Your Business's Roof

Ronald Hayes

No one wants ice dams and icicles forming on their roof, especially if you own a business. Not only is ice bad for your roof, it also presents the opportunity for customers and employees to be injured by falling ice. Here are three ways you can use commercial heat tape to keep the roof of your business clear of ice and to keep yourself clear of any liability claims.

#1 Ice Dams

When you see huge chunks of ice on the roof of your business, you are looking at an ice dam. Ice dams are formed when it gets warm enough outside for the snow on your roof to start melting and running off your roof; however, before all the water runs off or is evaporated, it freezes again. When it freezes, the melting water pools together and creates what is known as an "ice dam."

Over time, as the ice dam grows, it can cause damage to the layers of your roof, and can even cause damage to your gutters if it nears them. An ice dam can also cause damage to anyone who happens to be under it when it finally breaks off.

An easy way to prevent ice dams is by criss-crossing commercial heat tape across your roof. This will help the snow melt quickly and will prevent water and ice from building up on top of your roof.

#2 Icicles

Another side-effect of winter weather is icicles. Icicles form in much the same way that ice dams do; they are created when snow melts and then freezes again. Icicles also tend to form where heat is lost from your building. Enough heat is lost to melt some of the snow, but not enough heat is released to prevent the newly melted water from freezing again.

One way to prevent icicles from forming is to apply heat tape to the areas of your roof that have formed icicles in the past. This will help the snow in those areas melt quickly and hopefully prevent the icicles from forming again.

Additionally, if you have icicles on your roof, you may want to have a roofing company inspect your roof and your attic and make sure that you have enough insulation in place, since heat escaping from your business is one of the major culprits behind the formation of icicles.

#3 Frozen Vents

On the top of your roof, you have various vents for ventilation and plumbing purposes. These vents should be well insulated and should include a section of unheated space in order to prevent freezing. However, these precautions do not always work.

When the weather gets really cold, the vapor that is released from the vents on your roof can easily freeze. One of the easiest ways to prevent frozen vents is to put commercial heat tape around your vents. With heat tape in place, any moisture that freezes up will be immediately melted, and your vents will be clear.

If you want prevent ice dams and icicles from forming on your business's roof this winter, and if you want to keep all the vents on your roof unfrozen, you should discuss installing commercial heat tape on your roof with a licensed roofing contractor today.