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make the most of renovation projects

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make the most of renovation projects

Get Out Of Cleaning Gutters With Installation Of Gutter Guards

Ronald Hayes

Cleaning out the gutters of your house is dirty and challenging work; depending on how frequently you complete this chore, you may find yourself elbow-deep in leaves, dirt, trash, and animal waste. Furthermore, the weight of this debris can cause damage to your home's gutter system, making it sag and potentially leak if not cleaned out regularly. A solution to this worry may lie with gutter guards, which will keep the troughs of the gutter protected and covered.

Three types of guards that will eliminate dreadful cleaning of your gutters include:

Screen guards.

Screen gutter guards are the cheapest type to buy, and they are also easy enough for many homeowners to install themselves. Screen type guards are very compatible with roofing systems of different kinds, such as shingles, wood, tile, and metal roofed structures. These guards are easily found at home improvement venues widely, and are an effective measure to prevent leaves and larger debris from getting caught in your gutter troughs.

Some other things to know about screen gutter guards include:

  • The sun may affect the guards' surface over time, which could require replacement.

  • Screen may not be effective at keeping smaller items out of the gutter, such as seeds, dust, and pine needles.

  • Screen guards may not be as eye-appealing or aesthetically attractive as other types of guards.

Fine mesh guards.

Fine mesh gutter guards cost a little bit more than screen guards do, but they are more effective at keeping smaller debris out and away from your gutters. These are very similar in style and function to screen guards, so these are often easy enough for the homeowner to install independently. These guards may even provide added reinforcement to the gutter itself, making it more durable and long-lasting.

Some other tips regarding fine mesh guards include:

  • Fine mesh may be the best choice for buyers that live in climates with snow and ice, as these hold up well to inclement weather and strong winds.

  • Fine mesh works fine with a wide range of roofing types, from asphalt shingles to cedar shakes, metal or stone roofs.

  • Fine mesh guards are easy to clean with a power washer and some mild cleanser.

Surface tension guards.

Surface tension guards are typically installed by professionals, and these will cost consumers a bit more to buy. These are not ideal for tile, wood, or slate roofing systems, but are durable and resilient for homes with asphalt or metal roofs. These clever guards fit down in and over the gutter trough, preventing debris from gaining any access to the trough and giving the entire gutter system a smart, finished look. 

Your home's gutters provide a very important function, guiding water away from your home. It makes sense to invest in protecting the troughs from the unwanted weight of dirt and debris with gutter guards. Talk with home improvement retailers about the best options for your distinct roof and climate.

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