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make the most of renovation projects

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make the most of renovation projects

3 Reasons to Install Hardwood Flooring

Ronald Hayes

Hardwood flooring is a fantastic flooring option that can provide you with a wide range of benefits that carpeting simply cannot match. You need to consider installing hardwood flooring if you want an easy to clean, easily repairable, and sanitary flooring option.

Easy to Clean

The biggest advantage that a hardwood floor has over carpeting is that it take a lot less time and effort to clean. When a hardwood floor becomes dirty, you can usually get away with simply sweeping dust and debris away, or just mopping up a spill. This is a big advantage over carpeting that will require frequent vacuuming in order to continue looking nice.

Another advantage to hardwood flooring is that a spill is no reason to panic or freak out, you can simply wipe it up when you get a chance without having to worry about it staining in most cases. With carpeting, many stains will require immediate attention or the stain can require professional assistance to remove. In some cases, the stain can be bad enough on a carpet that you simply have to replace the carpet.

Easily Repairable

Hardwood flooring is a great choice if you want something that will not require an obscene amount of work if a portion of it becomes damaged. For example, many scratches and scuff marks on a hardwood floor can be sanded off. In most extreme cases where the floor is cracked or broken, you can often simply remove the damaged planks or panels and replace them. 

When it comes to carpeting, a heavily damaged or ripped carpet is almost impossible to simply patch and have the new piece blend in with the rest of the floor. In most cases, you will likely have to replace the entire carpet in the room when the carpet is badly torn, stained, or otherwise damaged.


Finally, hardwood flooring is the best possible flooring option if you want to keep your house as clean and healthy as possible. The main reason for this is that hardwood flooring does not retain any dust, allergens, or other particles. Once you have swept or mopped the floor, those things are gone.

With carpeting, the fibers of the carpet can attract and retain all of those particles, and even hang on to them despite the fact that you vacuumed. This can lead to people in your home experiencing frequent allergic reactions or respiratory problems, while also leading to a musty or foul smell remaining in your home for quite some time.

Speak to a hardwood flooring installer or contractor to discuss the many types of wholesale hardwood flooring that are available to you. This type of flooring is a great choice because it can help you keep your home clean and healthy, while also being easily fixed if the floor becomes damaged.