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make the most of renovation projects

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make the most of renovation projects

How To Remove Carpet To Prepare For Tile Installation

Ronald Hayes

Having tile installed is one of the most immediate and affordable ways to improve your custom home. New tile will reinvigorate and refresh any room and make the entire home feel much newer. The overall cost of tile installation will depend on a number of factors. One major expense is the labor cost for removing and disposing of the old floor. Many people place tile on floors that previously had carpet. If you can remove your old carpet on your own, you can secure a much lower quote for your tile installation. This article will explain the different techniques for removing carpet and tack strips from concrete and wooden subfloors.

Removing the Carpet

Removing the actual carpet from the floor is not that difficult, it is much more difficult to remove the tack strips. The key to removing the carpet is finding seams or edges from where you can pull the carpet up. If you cannot find the seams, you can cut a slit into the middle of the carpet with a utility knife. Then, using the claw end of a hammer, pry the carpet upwards. This might take a little bit of huffing and puffing, and it might be helpful to have multiple people trying to pull the carpet up at once. Once the carpet is removed from the floor, it might be too difficult to carry out of the house. Use the utility knife to cut it into more manageable rolls.

Removing the Tack Strips

The most tiring part of the job is removing the old tack strips. To remove the strips from a wooden subfloor, you will just need a hammer and a couple of flathead screwdrivers. Hammer the screwdrivers underneath the tack strips and then pry them upward, away from the floor. Try to hammer near the nails, so the strips don't just crack when you pry.

However, to remove the tack strips from a concrete subfloor, all you need is a hammer. The key is to strongly hammer the side of the strip, right next to the nails that attach it to the subfloor. This will knock the nail right out of the floor and probably chunk up the concrete a bit. However, this small amount of damage is nothing to worry about. All you have to do now is throw away the strips and sweep your floor. You can then call in the professionals and have your tile installed at a much cheaper rate.