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make the most of renovation projects

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make the most of renovation projects

Four Gutter and Roof Maintenance Tips to Help Avoid Damage and Costly Repairs fo Your Home

Ronald Hayes

Gutter can be a great addition to your home to prevent problems, such as static water pressure at foundation walls. They can also help prevent direct runoff at the eaves of your home. They are not a maintenance-free solution though. You will still need to clean them and do other maintenance to ensure your home is not damaged by things like leaks. Here are some maintenance tips to help you get the most out of your gutter:

1. Cleaning Gutters to Prevent Water Traps

One of the best things that you can do is clean your gutters regularly. Keeping even the smallest amount of dirt out can prevent water traps that lead to leaks. If you do not have gutter guards, you will want to do this often, especially in the fall when gutters can be filled with debris like leaves from trees.

2. Adding Gutter Guards to Help Keep Gutters Clean

If you want to reduce the need to get on your roof and clean the gutters, guards can be great investment. These will not protect your gutters from all debris, so it is a good idea to install hinged designs, which will allow you to open the gutters and clean them out with a garden hose when they become dirty.

3. Installing a Rubber Membrane to Protect against Ice Dam Damage

Gutters can be a trap for ice dams during the winter months. This is something that usually happens at the eaves as snow melts and then refreezes. To help protect your home from leaks and damage due to ice dams, you can have a rubber membrane installed beneath the shingles to help protect your home. The rubber membrane can be installed beneath the shingles at the edge of the eaves to help prevent ice dams from forming and to add an extra moisture barrier in case of leaks.

4. Using Brackets to Prevent Gutters from Coming Loose

Long sections of gutters can be prone to sagging and other types of wear. This can be due to fasteners like nails coming loose from the eaves. These problems can be prevented by using brackets and screws to hold the gutters. You can also use seamless gutters for areas with longer sections.

These are some tips to help you reduce potential for damage caused by gutters. With regular maintenance, your gutters can be a valuable asset to your home. If you need to have repairs and improvements to prevent damage, contact a roofing contractor like L. M. Martin Inc to get help with gutters and installing roofing membranes to protect your home.