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make the most of renovation projects

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make the most of renovation projects

2Commercial Door Changes Every Bakery Can Benefit From

Ronald Hayes

When you are in the business of serving up sweet treats to customers, there are likely a lot of things that will come to mind if you are considering making some changes with kitchen remodeling. However, there is one key component of every bakery kitchen that could easily be changed, will not require a great deal of money, and will make all the difference in the world how your business functions and that is the doors. Here are two commercial door changes that you should consider making in your bakery kitchen as part of a small remodeling project.

Automatic Sliding Cooling Unit Doors

If you have a walk-in cooler, chances are you and your employees are in and out of this space all throughout the hours of business. Often times, your hands will be full and you will have to set everything down only to go back and open or close the door behind you. To make things much simpler and keep cold loss from being an issue, having automatic sliding doors installed on your cooling unit is a good idea.

Even though automatic sliding doors can be a little more of a complex project, involving the addition of a motion sensor or a step mat for door control, the change can easily be made in a few hours and does not require any heavy construction in your kitchen area.

Full-View Simulated Glass Swinging Doors to Customer Service Areas

If you want to take advantage of free advertising, give the customers that come to your bakery a good view of what happens in the kitchen area of your business. Any customer appreciates getting an inside look at what takes place, but many also enjoy stopping by to watch cake decorators or sweet confections being prepared. Swinging doors are convenient between your service counter and kitchen because of the constant traveling to and from to serve customers and the simulated glass will make sure you give a good look behind the scenes.

Simulated-glass swinging doors are simple to install in an existing doorway after a previous barrier is removed. In fact, the process usually only involves a simple frame and a few hinges to be complete. Therefore, you could make a dramatic change in what your customers perceive when they step up to the counter in a matter of just a few minutes after the old door is taken down. 

Even if you do not have a lot of money to invest in major remodeling tasks and changes, you can get a long way just by focusing on the doors of your bakery kitchen. Talk to a commercial kitchen remodeling expert for more ideas about improving your commercial kitchen with new doors. 

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