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Prefer To Spend Your Golden Years At Home? 3 Bathroom Modifications That Will Help You Age In Place

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If you’re reaching your golden years, it’s time to start thinking about safety concerns. If you’ve decided that a senior community isn’t for you, there are ways for you to remain at home. In fact, many seniors are choosing to age in place. Once you’ve decided to age in place, you’ll need to modify your home so that it can adapt to your changing mobility concerns. You might not realize this, but your bathroom can present some significant safety concerns, especially if you’re experiencing changes to your mobility. Here are three changes you can make to modify your bathroom so that you can safely age in place. Walk-In Showers If you have a bathtub, or traditional shower enclosure in your bathroom, changing mobility may make it difficult for you to shower safely. Health-related issues such as arthritis can make it impossible to step over the side of the tub, or even over the shower threshold. If you need to use a shower chair, traditional showers and tubs can be even more difficult to use. That’s where walk-in showers come in. Walk-in showers provide a seamless transition into the shower stall because there are no thresholds to step over. With a walk-in shower, you’ll be able to continue providing for your own personal hygiene even after mobility issues become a concern. Elevated Toilets Arthritis in your hips and knees can make it difficult to use the toilet, especially if you have a standard-height toilet installed in your home. If you plan on aging in place, consider installing an elevated toilet in your bathroom. Standard toilets have a height of about 14″ from floor to rim, while ADA approved toilets have a height of about 17″-19″ from floor to rim. The additional height will allow you to lift and lower yourself from the toilet with greater comfort, and less stress on your hips and knees. While you’re making modifications to your toilet, you’ll want to have a grab bar installed. The grab bar will provide you additional assistance when lifting yourself up from the toilet. Slip-Resistant Floors If you have vinyl or tile flooring in your bathroom, you might be at risk for slip-and-fall accidents once you begin suffering from mobility concerns. There are a couple of modifications you can make to prevent slip-and-fall accidents in the bathroom. One way is to have slip-resistant flooring installed. If you’d prefer to keep the flooring that you already have, try placing slip-resistant shower stickers on your tile. The stickers will create a slip-resistant surface on your floor, which will help protect you from falls. If you’d prefer to age in place, the modifications provided here will help you get your home prepared for the...

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The Differences Between Stone And Ceramic Tile

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The bathroom is always a smart room to remodel because it is small, there is a lot of moisture and it gets a lot of traffic. Often, the bathroom floor will be the first thing that needs to be remodeled. If you want to quickly and affordably upgrade your bathroom, you should consider installing tile floors. Tile is a great upgrade, especially if you are replacing vinyl or linoleum. This article explains the main difference between ceramic and stone tiles. It will help you decide which product is best for your style, price range and maintenance abilities. Ceramic Tile Ceramic tile is definitely the cheapest and easiest to maintain of the two options. It is made out of a ceramic composite which is much cheaper and lighter then natural stone. Most ceramic products will have a textured and printed finish. Most of the time, the print will replicate the texture and colors of popular natural stones like travertine, marble and granite. Most people will be able to realize that the ceramic is a composite product and not a natural stone. Nonetheless, It looks quite convincing and it is much cheaper than similarly sized stone products. Basically, when it comes to ceramic tiles you get what you pay for when it comes to the aesthetic. But, while it might not look as authentic as real stone, it is just as durable and even easier to maintain. Ceramic tile is more waterproof then stone and it requires less maintenance over the years. Stone Tile By now you probably realize that stone tile looks more authentic and natural. A stone tile piece is basically made out of rock cut directly from the earth. This mean every piece looks different, with unique coloration and markings. But, if you want to use stone tiles in a moist bathroom environment, you will need to take efforts to seal them. Since the stone is naturally porous, water can penetrate the stone and even lead to mold formation if it is not sealed. You will need to reseal your stone tile every few years to help fight mold formation and water damage. In the end, ceramic tile is definitely the more practical option. However, if you prefer the more stylish and natural look of stone tile, it is a great alternative. Although it might require a little more TLC, stone tile is still very durable and ideal for bathroom settings. Talk to a dealer, like Callier Thompson Kitchen & Bath, for more...

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Tiny And Terrific — 5 Ways To Maximize Your Small Kitchen Remodel

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If you have a tight space for the kitchen and can’t expand it outward to create your dream remodel, you can still get a fantastic kitchen out of the deal. The trick is to embrace your space and maximize your use of it. Here are 5 ways any homeowner can do so. Make Storage Accessible. Using cabinets well means using all of them. Modern cabinet design can help make storage more accessible by utilizing elements like lazy Susans, pull-out or slide-out drawers and cabinets, hanging racks and hooks, as well as variable sized shelving.  Downsize Appliances. Having less space to work with means sacrificing some things in favor of more important things. If you want more counter space, for example, look into scaling down some appliances like the refrigerator or cooktop. You can also find smaller sinks, trash bins, and small appliances (like coffeemakers) to take up less space in and on the counters.  Make it Open. Opening up a small kitchen visually can help it appear bigger even if you can’t add actual square footage. Windows, skylights, and doors can add natural sunlight — which generally has a very lightening and opening effect on rooms. Choosing a cabinet style that doesn’t have doors is another way to make a kitchen seem larger and help keep it more organized. Make it Cozy. If you can’t have everything you want in your kitchen due to the size restrictions, make it comfortable and enjoyable for yourself instead. If you’re an avid cook, splurge on a nice range unit that you want. If you want the kitchen to have a social aspect instead, add a small seating space at the island or other counters so that you can enjoy visitors while you work. Or make a cooler kitchen by choosing a bold accent color that gives the room a focal point. Use Custom Cabinets. Needing to make use of all your available space means forgoing stock cabinets and opting for a custom cabinet design that fits your kitchen specifically. Use all the spots you can to add storage and cabinetry to store unusual items. For example, a narrow space between an appliance and a wall could be used to store tall cookware like baking sheets and cutting boards.  By utilizing one or more of these kitchen remodeling tips, you can design an area that works efficiently and is more enjoyable for cooks and guests...

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Nightmares In Tile: How A Bathroom Remodeling Will Cure Your Affliction

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If you have ever walked into a bathroom from the 1940’s or ’50’s, the first thing that hits you is the wall-to-wall tiling on the floor. If the situation is especially bad, you will also see a lot of tile in place of the tub surround and tile used as a back-splash behind the sink. All this tile can give you nightmares, but a bathroom remodeling can cure that in a hurry. Here is how to get rid of all of that tile and replace it with something more modern. Tub Tiles If you want to replace the tub tiles yourself, you can take these steps.  Lay a tarp in the tub and tape it to the four corners of the tub. This will make your mess easier to clean up and prevent damage to your tub. Take a hammer or lightweight sledgehammer and begin smacking the tiles on the back wall of the tub. They should begin to crack and fall in pieces into the tub where the tarp will catch them. If you have some stubborn pieces of tile, the prying end of a regular hammer or a long-handled screwdriver will help you pop off the rest of these bits of tile. Do the same to the other sides of the tub walls until all of the tile has been removed. Sand the tub walls with a coarse grain paper and belt sander. Wipe the walls smooth. Remove the tarp and all of the broken tiles.  Now you are ready to either A) use a drop-in tub surround where the tub is still present but underneath a plastic shell and the walls are attached, or B) apply a fresh coat of thin plaster and adhere the new plastic tub walls to the wet plaster. Press firmly and tap gently into place. Floor Tiles Floor tiles will need to be scraped up with a flooring scraper. The good news is, usually when you remove the kick plate that protects the threshold, you will have the surface area you need to insert the edge of the flooring scraper and begin the job from there. Also, most old flooring tiles were glued together on a grid, so once you have pulled a few up, the rest should scrape off rather easily. After the tiles have been removed and you have sanded away most of the plaster that held them there, you can then roll out and cut linoleum, vinyl stick tiles, or even snap-in-place stone tiles that are one-foot square in size. Back-Splash Tiles If you want a completely tile-free bathroom, then you will have to carefully hammer the back-splash tiles until they break and then remove the back-splash tiles. Once again, sand the surface smooth. Then apply surface plaster to match the rest of the bathroom walls before painting. If you want more advice on how to remodel your bathroom, get in touch with someone from a company like JKC Design (Previously JK Cabinets &...

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Dull Granite Coutnertop? Two Non-Toxic Remedies To Bring Back The Shine

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A granite countertop is a pretty addition to any kitchen, and one of its most appealing points is its shine. Granite reflects light rays back around the kitchen, which brightens the room, so when your granite goes dull it is time to bring back the shine ASAP! As someone who prefers natural products over chemical-based ones, you should check out these two non-toxic mixtures to give your granite countertops the shine they need to make your kitchen feel alive once more. Essential Oils When the dullness of your granite countertop is caused by a buildup of cooking oils or soap scum, you need a natural cleaner to cut through this buildup. A cleaner made up of citrus essential oil will do just that. To make this cleaner, you will need a clean spray bottle, ten drops of citrus essential oil (lemon or orange is perfect), two cups of water, a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol, and one tablespoon of castile soap (make sure it is unscented). All of these items contain no chemicals, and once combined will strip any greasy buildup off the countertop. Simply mix them together in the spray bottle, and then spray the mixture onto the counter. Remove the spray and dirt by wiping clean with a soft cloth. If you cannot locate the essential oil or castile soap at your local mass merchant retailer, you can buy it online. Dish Soap Another spray you can use to make your granite countertop sparkling clean is one that combines dish soap, rubbing alcohol and water. The reason why rubbing alcohol is a common denominator in these cleaners is that it eliminates the chance of any streaks being left behind on the counter. Once again, you’ll need a clean spray bottle in which you will combine a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol with two cups of water and three drops of the dish soap you use for washing your dishes. After you spray this mixture onto the counter, wipe away with a soft cloth. Cotton or microfiber cloths work best because you don’t want a harsher fabric that will leave small scratches on the counter. If you find cleaning your countertop with either of these products is not giving you the shine you require, then you may need to call in a granite countertop remodeler to look at it for you. It is possible the sealer on the countertop has deteriorated with age and needs replacing. Counter sealer replacement must be done by an expert as it involves stripping off the old sealer and replacing it with a new coat without damaging the stone beneath. Dull granite countertops can be made to look like new again, and now you have non-toxic methods you can try yourself to achieve this goal. Contact a company like Rob Hall’s Kitchens Plus for more...

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Interested In Working Out At Home? 3 Ways To Convert Your Basement Into A Personal Gym

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Staying active with regular exercise often brings about ideas of going to the gym to lift weights or run on a treadmill. While having a gym membership can be beneficial due to the access to a variety of gym equipment, you may not want to spend the monthly fees or would simply prefer to work out in the privacy of your home. If this is the case, you should look into what kinds of things you can do to convert your unused basement into a personal gym. Cover Up Concrete Floors with Soft Padding Since it’s likely that your basement has concrete floors that haven’t been touched much since when the home was built, it’s a good idea to start there first. While you can certainly get tile or carpeting installed in the basement, you’ll want to get inspired by other gyms and the kind of flooring they use. If you intend on being on your feet often while working out, whether during jumping jacks or lifting weights, it’s important that you make sure the basement floors have soft padding underneath. Soft padding in the form of foam mats over the concrete can help reduce the impact on your joints and make it much easier to work out for long stretches of time. Make Sure the Basement is Kept Comfortable As you look into converting your basement into a gym, you need to keep in mind the problem of feeling too hot when exercising. Your basement may not have air conditioning already, making it vital that you explore what your options are for making the gym cooler. This can be in the form of getting the basement hooked up with air conditioning, adding another window, or even adding a ceiling fan. Stock the Basement with Your Favorite Gym Equipment After the majority of the home remodeling work has been done, you’ll need to consider how you want to implement the gym equipment. While you can certainly just purchase equipment and set it up in the basement, it’s best to get the basement designed with the equipment in mind. This means a built-in weight rack, pull-up bars, and other features that can be implemented while remodeling. Remodeling your basement can be a fantastic way to get the look you want and the features you need for a productive gym at home. With the above tips in mind, you can make sure that the gym turns out exactly as you...

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Your Pipes Are Freezing And Your Handyman Isn’t In Town: What Do You Do?

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A good handyman is often an essential for many homes in the winter, due to the extreme temperature changes. But what do you do when a pipe freezes in the middle of the night and your handyman is nowhere nearby? A true handyman will know how to fix these problems for you, but you can also do it on your own. Here’s what you need to know about this problem and what you can do to prevent it from getting worse. Preventing Frozen And Burst Pipes Frozen pipes are an annoying enough problem, but if they burst, you’re looking at severe water damage that may cause a variety of problems with your home’s structure. That’s why it’s necessary to prevent frozen and burst pipes whenever possible. Here are a few ways you can do that while your handyman is gone: Keep at least one faucet running at a trickle when temperatures drop below freezing Open the cabinet door under the sink to let in warm air Disconnect your hose appliance from your sink faucet Install heaters or wrap blankets around exposed pipes to keep their temperatures above freezing Performing these simple activities should keep your pipes safe from freezing, but what happens if it does burst? You need to turn off your water supply immediately and fix the problem as soon as possible. Fixing A Pipe If It Does Burst When a pipe bursts, you should see an immediate collection of water in the area where it occurred. This helps pin-point the location of the burst and makes fixing it a little easier. Once you have located the burst pipe (it should be a small break through in the pipe surface), you need to perform the following repair technique: Turn off the main water valve Locate the burst pipe Cut the broken pipe away with a pipe cutter Measure the broken pipe distance and cut a pipe to the appropriate length Slide the replacement pipe (which should be just a little bit smaller than the other pipe) and weld them together Cover the weld with pipe insulation to keep it from leaking and to increase its temperature This technique isn’t designed to be a permanent solution, but simply one that you can use while your handyman is out of town. Once he gets back, call him and show him your repair job. He’ll assess the situation and find a solution that works more...

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Remodeling Your Business Offices: Ideas For You

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When you have been working in the same, old-fashioned offices for several years, you may be in the mood to remodel your offices and make them more unique and modern. However, you may not be sure as to what you can and should do to achieve your goals. Before you call your commercial contractor to get your project started, get to know a few of the ways that you can update and upgrade your current offices so that you are happy with the end result. Ditch The Closed-Off Executive Offices If you are truly trying to modernize and change your offices into something that suits the way businesses run today, then you may want to consider ditching the executive offices that feel closed-off and intimidating and seem as if they put up a barrier between the managers and the people they oversee. The old model of business had a very strict hierarchy. However, today, businesses are more collaborative and inclusive. Managers often work alongside their employees to develop ideas and get everything done. As such, you may want to create offices for executives that are more open and welcoming. Instead of solid wood doors and only small windows that give you a peek inside when you walk by, consider an all glass design for the walls and the door. If privacy is still a concern, you can add roman shades that can be pulled down for private meetings. However, the openness will make employees feel connected and comfortable with executives, fostering a more modern model of business. Brighten Up Your Furniture Traditionally designed office spaces are often plain and dark. The furniture often matches suit. If you truly want to get into the new style of business, you need to remodel to embrace brightness and color. When installing your built-in desks, conference tables, and other work surfaces, choose something that is colorful or light. A bright white or clear glass desk or table can greatly brighten an entire space while also providing a neutral palate to work with. Then, your chairs, workbenches, and the accessories for your desks like shelving, paper racks, and the like can all be in various bold colors and patterns. Color is your best friend when you are trying to modernize an office and make it more enjoyable and accessible to the new talent you want to bring into your business. Now that you know a few of the ways that you can remodel your business offices to modernize and update them, you can get together with your commercial contractor and get the remodeling process...

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3 Reasons To Strenghten A Small Business Rooftop With Sprayed Polyurethane Foam

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As you shop around for a new commercial rooftop, there are a number of different materials used to help strengthen the roof and add support. One of the strongest materials to consider is a sprayed polyurethane foam. The foam hardens and provides support that can last all year long. By replacing your roof and adding the foam, you can strengthen the materials and have many benefits come from it. As you look upgrade your roof, consider the following three reasons why and how they can benefit your small business. Rooftop Advertisements Help draw attention to your business with the use of rooftop advertisements. When placed on the roof, advertisements can be seen from far distances and help draw customers to your location. For example, you can place an inflatable mascot on your roof. During the day, the large mascot can stand tall and increase visuals. If it’s a tire shop, it can be a large tire creature design that really draws attention. The inflatable can become a great way to create a distinct look for your business. Along with inflatables, you can use the rooftop to showcase large flags or banners to help indicate sales and promotions. By having a stronger rooftop, you can ensure that the roof is stable when any of these new advertisements are installed. Employee Break Areas During nice weather, a finished rooftop area can provide employees with a nice place to lounge and get some fresh air. Exposure to natural light throughout the day is a great way to improve the overall health of employees and the roof provides a large area for instant sun access. By using the foam to strengthen the area, your roof can support multiple people at the same time. It’s a great place to put some tables and chairs or provide a smoking area if it’s needed. Some roof areas even have space to host a small garden and live plants that can add to the atmosphere and help the environment. Add-On Elements Strengthening the roof of your business will also make it easier to consider add-on elements in the future. For example, you can have central cooling and heating units installed directly on the rooftop. This will make it easy to vent areas of the business directly through vents installed in the roofing area. The strengthened roof can also be strong enough to hold alternative power sources like solar panels. With the installation of solar panels, you can save on energy, appeal to customers, and cut down on monthly electricity rates. Contact a commercial roofer about foam roof options. This will help you get an estimate and budget different costs for the...

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Finding The Best Remodeling Contractor: What You Want To Know

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If you have decided that you are ready to add on to your house, but you worry about finding a reliable contractor to do the job, it’s important to do your research. You want to know that the person who is working on your home, which is one of the most important investments you’ll make, is qualified and can do the work properly. Here are a few things you’ll want to do when you start reaching out to contractors in your area, and when you find someone you want to use. Contractor Registry Verify the contractor is licensed to do the work that they are promising. If they are a general home contractor, find out who they plan to subcontract projects out to. Confirm those specialty contractors, like electrical or plumbing contractors, are also certified. Each state has their own lists, broken down by specific trade and industry. You can look each person up with the contractor registry for your state, to verify that they are trained and licensed to do the job. Bonding In order for the contractor that will be managing the project to get bonded and insured, they must be registered. Confirm they are bonded, so that if something goes wrong, they are insured to pay for the damages and to fix your home. You would be stuck repairing the problems if you found out after they made a mistake that they weren’t bonded and couldn’t afford or refused to fix it. This is one of the most important things to ask about when hiring a contractor. Experience You don’t want to find a contractor that is trying to break into the industry, or is trying to get their start. There are a lot of mistakes and issues that can arise when you’re remodeling a house, and you want to know you have an experienced contractor you can handle the mishaps that could come your way.  If your contractor is trying to get you to use materials they have left over from another project, they only take cash, or they say they can use your house as a demonstration for a lower rate, these are a few signs that you are beings scammed.  Your local court reports and documents may even have information about recent lawsuits brought against any potential contractors you want to use. To learn more about finding the best remodeling contractor, contact a remodeling...

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